Sports and Osteopathy

Lets talk Sports and Osteopathy. All Osteopaths will to some degree diagnose, treat, manage and seek to prevent muscle, joint, tendon and nerve injuries occurring in sport. Just like I can cut your hair (sorry for horrible joke as most of you know I have no hair) it is, however, usually much better getting it done by someone with a more extensive knowledge base in the area

This is an area I am extremely passionate in and have attended multiple courses each year over the past 10 years developing a deep knowledge in sports skill requirement, rehabilitation and elite performance. This detailed knowledge and experience in managing health and performance issues in sports allows for a much more in depth and tailored plan to get you doing what you love quicker and more efficiently.

When sportspeople first start combining Sports and Osteopathy, they often do so by first looking to recover from a specific injury. This is great and is something I do every day. However the interesting part is that in many cases, after they have recovered, they see the benefit of Osteopathy in providing a competitive edge and an ability to move freer and easier.

When assessing a sportsperson it is essential to review how the body moves in relation to the physical skills and demands of their sport. Physical skills are things like muscle strength or muscle length, force, speed/agility, balance and flexibility. Sports people should check that their practitioner be it an Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor understands the physical requirements of their sport.

After a sports injury, it is essential to use clinical tests of the nerves, joints and muscles to assess level of the injury and how it could impact sporting abilities and then develop sporting rehabilitation and performance plans. In addition to manual therapies I may use taping, dry needling, bracing, splinting and other approaches when managing an injury.

For players with or without injury I create a program of specific treatment techniques, exercises and strategies aimed at improving performance in a sport or role within a sport. I have a strong network of health professionals across the Geelong region whom I also utilise to make sure you are getting the best management possible and if your condition is not something I can help you with I pride myself on finding you the right person who can.

So if Sports and Osteopathy sounds like something that could interest your click here to make an appointment! Or call the clinic for a chat on 0352223838