Introducing Online Osteo Consultations

Online Osteo Consultations is a new way to get access to me to answer any of your musculoskeletal problems from the safety of your home.

It has taken some time to come to terms with closing my business.The world has rapidly changed in the last month and it is time to move with it. I have been working hard on setting up Online Consultations and have already successfully used them  with many friends, family and colleagues around Australia. I have decided to move online to help everyone as much as I can through this tough time.

Online Osteo Consultations

Why did I decide to introduce Online Osteo Consultations?

Just because COVID-19 is dominating our lives,  doesn’t mean accidents and acute injuries stop occurring. Chronic pain is still a reality for many people within our community and people are more than ever looking for guidance and reassurance in their life. 

Your health and wellbeing are as important right now as it has always been and I feel that any help I can give is as essential now as it has ever been. I pride myself on empowering you to help yourself. As you may know, I have worked in the University sector for many years, so I feel competent in teaching via this medium.

Teaching at University over the last 4 years has required me to manage patients through the students I supervise. I diagnose, treat and manage utilising just the information I verbally obtain from the students and devise a management plan to help them get better.

Online Consultations are an alternative to  the hands-on care I normally provide. As it is different, I have introduced a reduced rate for online consults. It does still get good results and improve people’s pain and help with their rehabilitation in injuries.

How do Online Osteo Consultations work?

The aim of an online consultation is to reduce your pain, improve your movement patterns, and give you rehabilitation exercises so you get back doing the things you want to do. The difference is that you will not be getting the hands-on therapy to help with this, but rather I will be giving advice on how you can do this yourself.

I am not saying this is as good as manual therapy (at least I hope not otherwise I have wasted the last 15 years training my manual therapy skills) but it can help in these difficult circumstances  Similar to my Friday night drinks with friends at the moment. It is very different over ‘Houseparty’ or ‘ZOOM’ compared to having people over. It is, however, still very helpful and beneficial in these different times.

How do I make an appointment?

I have invested in technology which enables you to book as you always have online or over the phone (Yes you can still talk with our amazing receptionists Astra and Kirsten on 52223838).The technology also integrates with ‘Physitrack’, a world leading exercise prescription program that also allows you to view it on your phone or computer. I have also set-up an online video program that ensures your privacy while talking online. 

After booking your appointment online, you will be sent an email confirmation with all the details you need including the date, time and link to click at the time of the consultation. It is important that you have updated the phone or browser you are using. At the consultation we will be able to see each other and go through a range of questions and movements. I will explain to you the details of your injury including what is wrong and why your injury occurred. Then I will devise a management plan which may include education, strengthening exercises, stretching advice, movement-based therapy, or self-muscle release techniques.

Book Online Osteo

How much does it cost ?

Initially the cost is only $30 for private patients. GP Chronic Care Plans (EPC or CDM) will be bulk billed and all TAC, Workcover and DVA will have no Gap (requires pre approval for telehealth with your case manager)

Private health companies – some are covering Telehealth (online consultations) others are not, so best check with them first.

Update on the clinic opening?

I am not wanting to jump the gun but I am feeling more comfortable that I may be able to reopen the clinic, hopefully in May.  There are no actual legal restrictions on me practising, Osteopathy is an essential service. I am hoping to be able to open with increased measures in place in the clinic. You will be the first to know once I am able to get more clarity around this.

Please  follow on instagram geelong_osteo for some pretty exciting news in the coming weeks in relation to the clinic’s name, brand and future!!!!!

Thank you all for your  ongoing support in these tough times. It really makes my day to receive all  the amazing emails and messages I have had over the past few weeks. 

Miss you all. 


Online Osteo

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