To all my amazing clients that have supported me since opening in Geelong. Today I have had to make a tough decision. I have decided to enact a temporary clinic closure as of end of business Wednesday 25th March 2020, hopefully just until after Easter or potentially longer depending on how things develop. At this stage, as an allied health practitioner, we are not required to close by the government. We have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 associated with the clinic, however I believe now is the time to take action. Other people may feel differently at this time and that is ok as there is no right or wrong answer. 

Temporary Clinic Closure

I think that as Osteopaths our services are “essential” in normal life, much like going to the gym and exercising, but this is a very different scenario. Although cleaning has been ramped up 10 fold and restrictions placed on patients able to come in, it is impossible for me to practice social distancing whilst providing services where we have to physically touch our clients. This is a very tough decision, and one that I have not made lightly and I hope that you will support my decision with understanding. I know how important our services can feel to you, but in light of what is happening, we need to all do our bit to protect those we love and stop this from getting any worse. At this stage the best way I see to do this is a temporary clinic closure to face to face consults.

I plan to start online consultations from next week. It will be at a reduced rate, with an aim to set up rehab programs, manage musculo-skeletal injuries and help your body get through this tough time of isolation (more on this to follow). Look after yourself and your loved ones and please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone at anytime. I am always here to help, that hasn’t changed. Yours in good health, Daniel Wood 

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