Patient intake, Consent form and Covid-19 screening questions.

To help reduce the contact points in at the clinic I have introduced online New Patient Intake forms and consent forms for all new clients. For those of you have already attended the clinic you will notice a Covid-19 screening form that is also sent to you the day before your appointment.

online forms

There are many benefits to this online forms. The obvious one in the current coronavirus situation is the reducing of the need to contact items like clipboards and pens. However, it also allows me to screen all patients before they attend they attend the clinic to make sure they don’t need further testing first which helps keep staff, me and all of you safer in these difficult times.

There is also a huge environmental benefit to going paperless with online forms which I am also super excited about with the added bonus of less overhead costs of printing and less paper.

Of course security has been the biggest issue preventing this occurring earlier and that is why it has taken until now to get a secure way for you to be able to fill in the information and return it. (email is not secure unfortunately hence the use of the link to a secure area you receive). Luckily this problem has now been overcome by Cliniko.

Other benefits of online forms include reduced waiting room times as you won’t need to arrive early and also I will be able to briefly screen your forms prior to your consult so we can make the most of our time together.

Don’t worry though if technology gets to much you can also fill in the old paper way. I am hoping to use this less and less into the future though and am always happy for you to call the clinic if you are having any problems.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Daniel Wood

For further information on Privacy of online forms please visit