Studying from home can be tough. Here are some tips to help you stay connected and adapt to remote learning.

studying from home

Maintain your regular hours and stick to a routine.

When studying remotely it is very important to set yourself a clear schedule. Having clear guidelines for when to study and when you can have breaks is essential in maintaining the balance. It is very easy to go either way when you don’t have structure, that is, study too much or get distracted very easily.

It can be a good idea to get up at a regular time each morning as your body gets used to this. Make sure to still do normal things such as have a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and do your hair just like you would on any other day. This triggers your brain into knowing it is time to work rather than thinking it is a weekend and time for watching Netflix.

Set your intentions for the day and schedule regular breaks.

Studying from home is a great time to practise your self management skills. This will be invaluable when you transition into University or working life. Begin everyday by identifying what you need to achieve today and how you intend to do it. Make sure to schedule breaks for exercise, lunch and general wellbeing. You may not always achieve everything you set out to but with time you will get better at knowing what you can achieve in how much time. Lists are great and nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing things off.

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Dedicated study space. Set up appropriately

It is important to have a specific space that you study. I know the couch looks great and maybe lying in bed feels more comfortable to start with but your brain pics up on these things and can subconsciously find it confusing. You need to train yourself that when you are at your study space it is time for study. This also works the other way in that when you leave your study space it will be easier to switch off and relax.

I also made a quick 3 minute video on setting up your laptop ergonomically. You can check it out here.

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Practice Self-Care and connect.

Whether you’re at school or at home your own health and wellbeing should be a priority. Sleep well, eat well and exercise. Practice being grateful and remember to look out for others who might be struggling. Physical distancing does not have to mean social distancing. It is more important than ever to remain connected with our friends, family and community. I would tell you how to connect but you are all better than that than me. Just remember keep it positive.

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For more information on studying from home or if your neck and back are starting to hurt. Make an appointment in at the clinic and I will help get you feeling better soon!