Osteopath – Daniel Wood

What we do?

We use Osteopathy to help the community of Geelong achieve health goals they only dreamt could be possible. This could be anything from recovering from an ongoing injury, picking up their great-grandchild, running their first 5km race, lifting a personal best at the gym or even winning a national title.

How do we do it?

By engaging our skills as osteopaths or when appropriate the skills of other highly motivated health professionals in my network. We strive to give the highest quality advice and treatment in an environment that is supportive, friendly and empowering to be a part of. As a result of this environment, people achieve amazing results.

Why do we do it?

The joy of seeing the people we work with achieve their goals gets us out of bed in the morning. Our body is such an amazing thing and when utilised effectively has endless possibilities. Our job is to help you unlock this potential by identifying what is holding you back.

Still wanting to find out more?

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