What is Osteopathy?

Click play and check out this great video which summarises what Osteopathy is! Or check out the article ‘What is an Osteopath?

What will happen at my appointment?

If you are wondering what happens in your Osteopathic appointment. Have a watch of this video which summarises what to expect when you see an Osteopath. Or read the article ‘Your first Osteo Appointment’

Want to become an Osteopath?

Do you love what I do… Do you want to know how to become an Osteo?? One of the most rewarding parts of my day is inspiring others. Osteopaths are university trained health professionals. Check out this video for more information or give me a call in at the clinic or check out Osteopathy Australia

When to see an Osteopath

A patient can consult an osteopath for musculoskeletal and related pain issues Рwhether acute or chronic. Common reasons to see an Osteopath include for neck and low back pain, headaches, physical strains, sports injuries, movement issues and chronic pain.

In Australia, osteopaths are government regulated practitioners who complete minimum of 5 years accredited university training. On top of this they are required to complete annual professional development to enhance their skills.  Osteopaths are able to consult with private patients, under private health funds, as part of CDM care plans or as part of third party payer schemes such as WorkSafe, TAC and the DVA.